• Status: Now Available on Home Video
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Cast: Cam Cronin, Laara Sadiq, Gabrielle Rose, Paul Skrudland, Agam Darshi
  • Director & Writer: Bruce Sweeney
  • Producers: Bruce Sweeney, Catherine Middleton
  • Executive Producer: Joan Sweeney
  • Production Company: Slewfoot Productions
  • Country: Canada
  • Release Date: May 29, 2010
  • Run Time: 83mins
  • Website: http://www.excitedmovie.com
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“Sharp, incisive and wickedly funny, Sweeney’s films are unique in the way they combine a caustic, comic awareness of how screwed up human beings generally are with a muted yet profound empathy for most of his characters… EXCITED is one of his best.”

-Steve Gravestock, Programmer/ Associate Director, Canadian Programming TIFF


“Excited” is a romantic comedy probing at the nature of sexual dysfunction.

Kevin Staal, (Cam Cronin) 37, is successful at work, and not-so-successful in love. After eight years of singlehood, he’s finally met a woman he likes. But a few things stand in their way. For starters, there is Kevin’s rusty courting skills. Then there’s his mother’s desperate need for a grandchild. Finally, there is the fact that Kevin suffers from primary premature ejaculation.

Excited is a character-driven film that examines intimate and familial relationships with humour and subtlety as Kevin finally accepts the challenge to “walk” before he runs.