Some Kind of Love

Some Kind of Love 

Some Kind of Love
  • Status: Official Selection, Sydney Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, DOCAVIV, Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Directed by: Thomas Burstyn
  • Written by: B. Sumner Burstyn
  • Produced by: Trish Dolman, B. Sumner Burstyn
  • Country of Origin: Canada

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Artist and designer Yolanda Sonnabend, 77, lives surrounded by a half century of painting, sculpture, frames, fabrics, books, archeologia and the ephemera of her frenzied imagination. Her glory days behind her, she resides in ‘Havershamian’ splendour in the last un-renovated house in a posh suburb of London.

Meanwhile her older brother has moved in, along with his concert grand piano. Dr Joseph Sonnabend, 79, is an esteemed doctor famous for discovering one of the building blocks of the AIDS virus. After a career committed to science, Joseph has returned to a country he has little affection for, a house he hates, and his sister who shows early signs of dementia. Bound by duty, he struggles to cope with her deterioration.

Into this heady mix their step-nephew, filmmaker Thomas Burstyn, arrives to make a film. A story of fractured sibling love, gender, art, science, diaspora, legacy, and the uncomfortable role of the filmmaker as voyeur – Some Kind of Love is a poignant and touching documentary that is not to be missed.